Satisfaction in Solution.
Excellence in Efficiency.

Our Mission

We believe transportation and logistics are more than moving freight from one destination to another. It’s a process built on standards, professionalism, performance and metrics. With this foundation, we strive to minimize obstacles in order to deliver immediate results.

Our efforts have earned us a reputation for driving greater operational efficiency and enhancing shareholder value.

Our Values


Our team is united in our dedication to giving the best possible service and experiences. This commitment not only extends to our delivery practices, but also to our treatment of customers, partners and shareholders. By always following through with quality care, we intend to inspire trust in all communication and business activities with all constituents.


At TFI, we take a decentralized management approach, allowing decisions to be made at the local level. Authority is delegated across our four segments, which consist of operating companies with their own brands. We empower our people to develop unique and innovative solutions, tailored to specific customer needs.


Through innovation and learning, we aim to set the safety standard in our industry. We are uncompromising about the safety and wellness of our team members, contractors, customers, and the public.


Through preventive maintenance programs, we ensure our assets meet or exceed applicable laws and regulations.

We always consider the latest in Safety and Collision/Rollover avoidance when purchasing new equipment. Our new rolling stock is typically equipped with up-to-date technologies such as automated transmissions, collision avoidance and enhanced stability technology.


TFI International promotes a culture of wellbeing and security by enacting comprehensive health programs. We coach, educate and train employees on achieving and maintaining secure working conditions. These measures ensure all our operating companies show respect for the health of employees.


In all operations, we seek to avert risks that arise from shipping and logistics processes. To ensure our divisions meet or exceed health, safety and compliance work conditions and regulations, we conduct ongoing site inspections and corporate audits.


TFI International understands our responsibility to improve the livability of the communities we serve. Every day we make a conscious effort to protect the environment across all operations and activities.

To that end, we have incorporated the following green policies and initiatives:


We strive to reduce our carbon footprint through the purchase and use of the most up-to-date technologies available in the marketplace.

Our fleet is typically equipped with the latest in fuel economy, safety and aerodynamics, allowing vehicles to operate more efficiently. Most new equipment is ordered with Eco Options and/or Green House Gas (GHG) emission lowering options, which can result in significant potential fuel savings over previous equipment designs.

To eliminate the potential risk of environmental contamination, we remove in-ground fuel and diesel tanks across our network in North America. When appropriate, we install new above ground fuel tanks with current engineering construction standards. This ensures maximum safety for the operator and protects the environment from potential spills.


In 2017, we initiated an intense review of our lighting systems in our terminals. Since then we have been upgrading to T5s or LEDs wherever possible.

We also reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by installing clean systems and electronic or programmable thermostats. In addition, we conduct annual inspections to recognize and address any low performance areas.


We maintain the environmentally clean conditions of our sites through audits conducted by our own team as well as third party environmental specialists. Based on subsequent results and feedback, we undertake any necessary actions to meet or exceed governmental standards.

In addition, all sites are equipped with recycling and waste services.