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Investing in TFI

TFI International is a North American leader in logistics and transportation. We are diversified across multiple geographies, industry verticals and business segments, including Package and Courier, Less-Than-Truckload, Truckload and Logistics.

Supported by an extensive network of motivated people, cutting-edge technology and world-class assets, we help customers grow and manage their operations more efficiently.

TFI International Inc. is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol TFII.


Over the past 20 years, TFI has produced a cumulative shareholder return well in excess of the TSX and S&P 500. Our overarching focus is on creating shareholder value, unlocking it for our investors, and whenever possible, returning excess capital to our shareholders.

To accomplish these goals, we constantly strive for operating efficiencies:

  • Innovating to find value-added solutions for our clients
  • Pursuing an asset-light business model
  • Maintaining a strong balance sheet
  • Seeking accretive acquisitions while maintaining a high level of discipline

Growth Strategy


A key part of our growth strategy is to acquire well-managed companies that are leaders in their market. We generally retain existing management and provide them with the requisite tools and support to excel. Our strategy is focused, disciplined, highly developed and proven.

Businesses under consideration must meet strict standards and be accretive to our financial performance in the near term. They must have demonstrable value in expanding our portfolio of companies by increasing our geographic reach, by providing complementary services, or by improving market penetration. Our preference is to acquire asset-light operations.

Smart, strategic acquisitions have been the key to our growth, expanding our reach, increasing our route density, and enhancing our capability to serve a large variety of customers, thereby promoting new platforms for further growth and strong shareholder returns.

Account Information


If you are a registered shareholder, meaning you have a share certificate in your possession, you should contact Computershare Trust Company of Canada for information pertaining to your account.

If you are a beneficial shareholder, meaning you do not have a share certificate in your possession and your holdings are kept in the name of a nominee such as a trustee, financial institution or securities dealer, you should contact the nominee for information pertaining to your account.

Whether you are a registered or beneficial shareholder you must contact a nominee such as a trustee, financial institution or securities dealer to sell or transfer your shares.


If your TFI International share certificate has been lost, stolen or destroyed, you should contact Computershare Trust Company of Canada to inform them of the loss. A representative from the Shareholder Service department will send you the necessary documentation to arrange for the issuance of a replacement certificate. You will also be required to pay an indemnity bond premium fee, which is equal to 3% of the market value of the shares represented by your lost certificate(s).