People. Service. Expertise.

Who We Are

TFI is a recognized North American transportation and logistics leader, partnering with a diverse group of customers in the US and Canada. Our vast e-commerce network spans more than 80 North American cities.

Through our operating companies, we provide the full complement of transportation and logistics services. Our safe and effective solutions are engineered to minimize costs, risks and time-consuming activities. As we continually enhance our logistical network, we strive to add value and functionality for our partners.

Network of Brands

Our integrated network is driven by the power of over 90 operating companies and more than 24,000 employees working alongside independent contractors – each with rich industry experience. Working in concert, we help customers across a broad range of verticals, from retail to energy, to food and beverage and much more.

Strategic Acquisitions

121 acquisitions in the U.S. and Canada since 2008

We strive to consistently identify strategic acquisitions to grow our network of wholly-owned operating companies and increase shareholder returns. Each acquisition is chosen for its strong management team, cultural fit, and earnings potential. We ensure our companies get the financial and operational resources to grow their businesses.